Commit cc86b31b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(describe-variable): Improve blank separator lines.

parent bce4aeb4
......@@ -575,8 +575,11 @@ it is displayed along with the global value."
(documentation-property alias 'variable-documentation))))
(unless (eq alias variable)
(princ (format "\nThis variable is an alias for `%s'.\n" alias)))
(if (or obsolete safe-var)
(when obsolete
(princ "\nThis variable is obsolete")
(princ "This variable is obsolete")
(if (cdr obsolete) (princ (format " since %s" (cdr obsolete))))
(princ ";") (terpri)
(princ (if (stringp (car obsolete)) (car obsolete)
......@@ -587,9 +590,8 @@ it is displayed along with the global value."
(princ "if its value\nsatisfies the predicate ")
(princ (if (byte-code-function-p safe-var)
"which is byte-compiled expression.\n"
(format "`%s'.\n" safe-var)))
(princ "Documentation:\n")
(format "`%s'.\n" safe-var))))
(princ "\nDocumentation:\n")
(princ (or doc "Not documented as a variable.")))
;; Make a link to customize if this variable can be customized.
(if (custom-variable-p variable)
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