Commit cca176a0 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_window): Use (or reuse) frame's namebuf instead of a

temp var.  This avoids a storage leak.
parent 60a8823e
......@@ -2325,27 +2325,21 @@ x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
Widget shell_widget;
Widget pane_widget;
Widget frame_widget;
char* name;
Arg al [25];
int ac;
if (STRINGP (f->name))
/* This is a storage leak, but unless people create
thousands of frames, that's ok.
Fix it later by making a new slot in the frame to hold this. */
name = (char *) xmalloc (XSTRING (f->name)->size + 1);
bcopy (XSTRING (f->name)->data, name, XSTRING (f->name)->size + 1);
name = "emacs";
char *str = (STRINGP (f->name) ? XSTRING (f->name)->data : "emacs");
f->namebuf = (char *) xrealloc (f->namebuf, strlen (str) + 1);
strcpy (f->namebuf, str);
ac = 0;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNallowShellResize, 1); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNinput, 1); ac++;
shell_widget = XtAppCreateShell (name, EMACS_CLASS,
shell_widget = XtAppCreateShell (f->namebuf, EMACS_CLASS,
FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), al, ac);
......@@ -2373,7 +2367,7 @@ x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNallowResize, 1); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNresizeToPreferred, 1); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XtNemacsFrame, f); ac++;
frame_widget = XtCreateWidget (name,
frame_widget = XtCreateWidget (f->namebuf,
pane_widget, al, ac);
lw_set_main_areas (pane_widget, f->display.x->menubar_widget, frame_widget);
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