Commit cca1dde0 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(cal-menu-scroll-menu, cal-menu-global-mouse-menu): Use new names.

parent ab42e29d
2007-07-27 Stefan Monnier <>
* calendar/cal-menu.el (cal-menu-scroll-menu)
(cal-menu-global-mouse-menu): Use new names.
* calendar/cal-move.el (calendar-scroll-left, calendar-scroll-right)
(calendar-scroll-right-three-months): Clean up namespace.
......@@ -140,11 +140,11 @@
(defconst cal-menu-scroll-menu
["Forward 1 Month" scroll-calendar-left]
["Forward 3 Months" scroll-calendar-left-three-months]
["Forward 1 Month" calendar-scroll-left]
["Forward 3 Months" calendar-scroll-left-three-months]
["Forward 1 Year" "4\C-v"]
["Backward 1 Month" scroll-calendar-right]
["Backward 3 Months" scroll-calendar-right-three-months]
["Backward 1 Month" calendar-scroll-right]
["Backward 3 Months" calendar-scroll-right-three-months]
["Backward 1 Year" "4\ev"]))
(defun cal-menu-x-popup-menu (position menu)
......@@ -459,8 +459,8 @@ The output is in landscape format, one month to a page."
(easy-menu-define cal-menu-global-mouse-menu nil
"Menu bound to a mouse event, not specific to the mouse-click location."
["Scroll forward" scroll-calendar-left-three-months]
["Scroll backward" scroll-calendar-right-three-months]
["Scroll forward" calendar-scroll-left-three-months]
["Scroll backward" calendar-scroll-right-three-months]
["Mark diary entries" mark-diary-entries]
["List holidays" list-calendar-holidays]
["Mark holidays" mark-calendar-holidays]
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