Commit cca5629f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix cursor display when invisible text is at line beginning

* src/xdisp.c (redisplay_window): When scrolling fails to show
point, prefer using the desired matrix if possible for finding the
fallback glyph row for displaying the cursor.  (Bug#22098)
(row_containing_pos): Exit the loop as soon as we hit the first
disabled glyph row.  Otherwise we risk accessing garbled data and
departing to the no-no land.
parent 302bbe00
......@@ -16720,6 +16720,7 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
startp = run_window_scroll_functions (window, it.current.pos);
/* Redisplay the window. */
bool use_desired_matrix = false;
if (!current_matrix_up_to_date_p
|| windows_or_buffers_changed
|| f->cursor_type_changed
......@@ -16730,7 +16731,7 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
|| !(used_current_matrix_p
= try_window_reusing_current_matrix (w)))
try_window (window, startp, 0);
use_desired_matrix = (try_window (window, startp, 0) == 1);
/* If new fonts have been loaded (due to fontsets), give up. We
have to start a new redisplay since we need to re-adjust glyph
......@@ -16770,9 +16771,15 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
and similar ones. */
if (w->cursor.vpos < 0)
/* Prefer the desired matrix to the current matrix, if possible,
in the fallback calculations below. This is because using
the current matrix might completely goof, e.g. if its first
row is after point. */
struct glyph_matrix *matrix =
use_desired_matrix ? w->desired_matrix : w->current_matrix;
/* First, try locating the proper glyph row for PT. */
struct glyph_row *row =
row_containing_pos (w, PT, w->current_matrix->rows, NULL, 0);
row_containing_pos (w, PT, matrix->rows, NULL, 0);
/* Sometimes point is at the beginning of invisible text that is
before the 1st character displayed in the row. In that case,
......@@ -16797,8 +16804,7 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
alt_pos = XFASTINT (invis_end);
alt_pos = ZV;
row = row_containing_pos (w, alt_pos, w->current_matrix->rows,
NULL, 0);
row = row_containing_pos (w, alt_pos, matrix->rows, NULL, 0);
/* Finally, fall back on the first row of the window after the
......@@ -16806,11 +16812,11 @@ redisplay_window (Lisp_Object window, bool just_this_one_p)
displaying the cursor at all. */
if (!row)
row = w->current_matrix->rows;
row = matrix->rows;
if (row->mode_line_p)
set_cursor_from_row (w, row, w->current_matrix, 0, 0, 0, 0);
set_cursor_from_row (w, row, matrix, 0, 0, 0, 0);
if (!cursor_row_fully_visible_p (w, false, false))
......@@ -17795,7 +17801,7 @@ row_containing_pos (struct window *w, ptrdiff_t charpos,
while (true)
/* Give up if we have gone too far. */
if (end && row >= end)
if (end && row >= end || !row->enabled_p)
return NULL;
/* This formerly returned if they were equal.
I think that both quantities are of a "last plus one" type;
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