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Add lisp/gnus/registry.el.

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;;; registry.el --- Track and remember data items by various fields
;; Copyright (C) 2011 Teodor Zlatanov
;; Author: Teodor Zlatanov <>
;; Keywords: data
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This library provides a general-purpose EIEIO-based registry
;; database with persistence, initialized with these fields:
;; version: a float, 0.1 currently (don't change it)
;; max-hard: an integer, default 5000000
;; max-soft: an integer, default 50000
;; precious: a list of symbols
;; tracked: a list of symbols
;; tracker: a hashtable tuned for 100 symbols to track (you should
;; only access this with the :lookup2-function and the
;; :lookup2+-function)
;; data: a hashtable with default size 10K and resize threshold 2.0
;; (this reflects the expected usage so override it if you know better)
;; methods to do all the work: `registry-search',
;; `registry-lookup', `registry-lookup-secondary',
;; `registry-lookup-secondary-value', `registry-insert',
;; `registry-delete', `registry-prune', `registry-size' which see
;; and with the following properties:
;; Every piece of data has a unique ID and some general-purpose fields
;; (F1=D1, F2=D2, F3=(a b c)...) expressed as an alist, e.g.
;; ((F1 D1) (F2 D2) (F3 a b c))
;; Note that whether a field has one or many pieces of data, the data
;; is always a list of values.
;; The user decides which fields are "precious", F2 for example. At
;; PRUNE TIME (when the :prune-function is called), the registry will
;; trim any entries without the F2 field until the size is :max-soft
;; or less. No entries with the F2 field will be removed at PRUNE
;; TIME.
;; When an entry is inserted, the registry will reject new entries
;; if they bring it over the max-hard limit, even if they have the F2
;; field.
;; The user decides which fields are "tracked", F1 for example. Any
;; new entry is then indexed by all the tracked fields so it can be
;; quickly looked up that way. The data is always a list (see example
;; above) and each list element is indexed.
;; Precious and tracked field names must be symbols. All other
;; fields can be any other Emacs Lisp types.
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'ert))
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(or (ignore-errors (progn
(require 'eieio)
(require 'eieio-base)))
;; gnus-fallback-lib/ from gnus/lisp/gnus-fallback-lib
(let ((load-path (cons (expand-file-name
(file-name-directory (locate-library "gnus")))
(require 'eieio)
(require 'eieio-base)))
"eieio not found in `load-path' or gnus-fallback-lib/ directory.")))
(defclass registry-db (eieio-persistent)
((version :initarg :version
:initform 0.1
:type float
:custom float
:documentation "The registry version.")
(max-hard :initarg :max-hard
:initform 5000000
:type integer
:custom integer
:documentation "Never accept more than this many elements.")
(max-soft :initarg :max-soft
:initform 50000
:type integer
:custom integer
:documentation "Prune as much as possible to get to this size.")
(tracked :initarg :tracked
:initform nil
:type t
:documentation "The tracked (indexed) fields, a list of symbols.")
(precious :initarg :precious
:initform nil
:type t
:documentation "The precious fields, a list of symbols.")
(tracker :initarg :tracker
:type hash-table
:documentation "The field tracking hashtable.")
(data :initarg :data
:type hash-table
:documentation "The data hashtable.")))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((this registry-db) slots)
"Set value of data slot of THIS after initialization."
(with-slots (data tracker) this
(unless (member :data slots)
(setq data (make-hash-table :size 10000 :rehash-size 2.0 :test 'equal)))
(unless (member :tracker slots)
(setq tracker (make-hash-table :size 100 :rehash-size 2.0)))))
(defmethod registry-lookup ((db registry-db) keys)
"Search for KEYS in the registry-db THIS.
Returns a alist of the key followed by the entry in a list, not a cons cell."
(let ((data (oref db :data)))
(delq nil
(lambda (k)
(when (gethash k data)
(list k (gethash k data))))
(defmethod registry-lookup-breaks-before-lexbind ((db registry-db) keys)
"Search for KEYS in the registry-db THIS.
Returns a alist of the key followed by the entry in a list, not a cons cell."
(let ((data (oref db :data)))
(delq nil
(loop for key in keys
when (gethash key data)
collect (list key (gethash key data))))))
(defmethod registry-lookup-secondary ((db registry-db) tracksym
&optional create)
"Search for TRACKSYM in the registry-db THIS.
When CREATE is not nil, create the secondary index hashtable if needed."
(let ((h (gethash tracksym (oref db :tracker))))
(if h
(when create
(puthash tracksym
(make-hash-table :size 800 :rehash-size 2.0 :test 'equal)
(oref db :tracker))
(gethash tracksym (oref db :tracker))))))
(defmethod registry-lookup-secondary-value ((db registry-db) tracksym val
&optional set)
"Search for TRACKSYM with value VAL in the registry-db THIS.
When SET is not nil, set it for VAL (use t for an empty list)."
;; either we're asked for creation or there should be an existing index
(when (or set (registry-lookup-secondary db tracksym))
;; set the entry if requested,
(when set
(puthash val (if (eq t set) '() set)
(registry-lookup-secondary db tracksym t)))
(gethash val (registry-lookup-secondary db tracksym))))
(defun registry--match (mode entry check-list)
;; for all members
(when check-list
(let ((key (nth 0 (nth 0 check-list)))
(vals (cdr-safe (nth 0 check-list)))
(while (and key vals (not found))
(setq found (case mode
(member (car-safe vals) (cdr-safe (assoc key entry))))
(string-match (car vals)
(cdr-safe (assoc key entry))
vals (cdr-safe vals)))
(or found
(registry--match mode entry (cdr-safe check-list))))))
(defmethod registry-search ((db registry-db) &rest spec)
"Search for SPEC across the registry-db THIS.
For example calling with :member '(a 1 2) will match entry '((a 3 1)).
Calling with :all t (any non-nil value) will match all.
Calling with :regex '\(a \"h.llo\") will match entry '((a \"hullo\" \"bye\").
The test order is to check :all first, then :member, then :regex."
(when db
(let ((all (plist-get spec :all))
(member (plist-get spec :member))
(regex (plist-get spec :regex)))
(loop for k being the hash-keys of (oref db :data) using (hash-values v)
when (or
;; :all non-nil returns all
;; member matching
(and member (registry--match :member v member))
;; regex matching
(and regex (registry--match :regex v regex)))
collect k))))
(defmethod registry-delete ((db registry-db) keys assert &rest spec)
"Delete KEYS from the registry-db THIS.
If KEYS is nil, use SPEC to do a search.
Updates the secondary ('tracked') indices as well.
With assert non-nil, errors out if the key does not exist already."
(let* ((data (oref db :data))
(keys (or keys
(apply 'registry-search db spec)))
(tracked (oref db :tracked)))
(dolist (key keys)
(let ((entry (gethash key data)))
(when assert
(assert entry nil
"Key %s does not exists in database" key))
;; clean entry from the secondary indices
(dolist (tr tracked)
;; is this tracked symbol indexed?
(when (registry-lookup-secondary db tr)
;; for every value in the entry under that key...
(dolist (val (cdr-safe (assq tr entry)))
(let* ((value-keys (registry-lookup-secondary-value db tr val)))
(when (member key value-keys)
;; override the previous value
db tr val
;; with the indexed keys MINUS the current key
;; (we pass t when the list is empty)
(or (delete key value-keys) t)))))))
(remhash key data)))
(defmethod registry-insert ((db registry-db) key entry)
"Insert ENTRY under KEY into the registry-db THIS.
Updates the secondary ('tracked') indices as well.
Errors out if the key exists already."
(assert (not (gethash key (oref db :data))) nil
"Key already exists in database")
(assert (< (registry-size db)
(oref db :max-hard))
"max-hard size limit reached")
;; store the entry
(puthash key entry (oref db :data))
;; store the secondary indices
(dolist (tr (oref db :tracked))
;; for every value in the entry under that key...
(dolist (val (cdr-safe (assq tr entry)))
(let* ((value-keys (registry-lookup-secondary-value db tr val)))
(pushnew key value-keys :test 'equal)
(registry-lookup-secondary-value db tr val value-keys))))
(defmethod registry-size ((db registry-db))
"Returns the size of the registry-db object THIS.
This is the key count of the :data slot."
(hash-table-count (oref db :data)))
(defmethod registry-prune ((db registry-db))
"Prunes the registry-db object THIS.
Removes only entries without the :precious keys."
(let* ((precious (oref db :precious))
(precious-p (lambda (entry-key) (cdr (memq (car entry-key) precious))))
(data (oref db :data))
(limit (oref db :max-soft))
(size (registry-size db))
(candidates (loop for k being the hash-keys of data
using (hash-values v)
when (notany precious-p v)
collect k))
(candidates-count (length candidates))
;; are we over max-soft?
(prune-needed (> size limit)))
;; while we have more candidates than we need to remove...
(while (and (> candidates-count (- size limit)) candidates)
(decf candidates-count)
(setq candidates (cdr candidates)))
(registry-delete db candidates nil)))
(ert-deftest registry-instantiation-test ()
(should (registry-db "Testing")))
(ert-deftest registry-match-test ()
(let ((entry '((hello "goodbye" "bye") (blank))))
(message "Testing :regex matching")
(should (registry--match :regex entry '((hello "nye" "bye"))))
(should (registry--match :regex entry '((hello "good"))))
(should-not (registry--match :regex entry '((hello "nye"))))
(should-not (registry--match :regex entry '((hello))))
(message "Testing :member matching")
(should (registry--match :member entry '((hello "bye"))))
(should (registry--match :member entry '((hello "goodbye"))))
(should-not (registry--match :member entry '((hello "good"))))
(should-not (registry--match :member entry '((hello "nye"))))
(should-not (registry--match :member entry '((hello)))))
(message "Done with matching testing."))
(defun registry-make-testable-db (n &optional name file)
(let* ((db (registry-db
(or name "Testing")
:file (or file "unused")
:max-hard n
:max-soft 0 ; keep nothing not precious
:precious '(extra more-extra)
:tracked '(sender subject groups))))
(dotimes (i n)
(registry-insert db i `((sender "me")
(subject "about you")
(more-extra) ; empty data key should be pruned
;; first 5 entries will NOT have this extra data
,@(when (< 5 i) (list (list 'extra "more data")))
(groups ,(number-to-string i)))))
(ert-deftest registry-usage-test ()
(let* ((n 100)
(db (registry-make-testable-db n)))
(message "size %d" n)
(should (= n (registry-size db)))
(message "max-hard test")
(should-error (registry-insert db "new" '()))
(message "Individual lookup")
(should (= 58 (caadr (registry-lookup db '(1 58 99)))))
(message "Grouped individual lookup")
(should (= 3 (length (registry-lookup db '(1 58 99)))))
(message "Individual lookup (breaks before lexbind)")
(should (= 58
(caadr (registry-lookup-breaks-before-lexbind db '(1 58 99)))))
(message "Grouped individual lookup (breaks before lexbind)")
(should (= 3
(length (registry-lookup-breaks-before-lexbind db '(1 58 99)))))
(message "Search")
(should (= n (length (registry-search db :all t))))
(should (= n (length (registry-search db :member '((sender "me"))))))
(message "Secondary index search")
(should (= n (length (registry-lookup-secondary-value db 'sender "me"))))
(should (equal '(74) (registry-lookup-secondary-value db 'groups "74")))
(message "Delete")
(should (registry-delete db '(1) t))
(decf n)
(message "Search after delete")
(should (= n (length (registry-search db :all t))))
(message "Secondary search after delete")
(should (= n (length (registry-lookup-secondary-value db 'sender "me"))))
(message "Pruning")
(let* ((tokeep (registry-search db :member '((extra "more data"))))
(count (- n (length tokeep)))
(pruned (registry-prune db))
(prune-count (length pruned)))
(message "Expecting to prune %d entries and pruned %d"
count prune-count)
(should (and (= count 5)
(= count prune-count))))
(message "Done with usage testing.")))
(ert-deftest registry-persistence-test ()
(let* ((n 100)
(tempfile (make-temp-file "registry-persistence-"))
(name "persistence tester")
(db (registry-make-testable-db n name tempfile))
size back)
(message "Saving to %s" tempfile)
(eieio-persistent-save db)
(setq size (nth 7 (file-attributes tempfile)))
(message "Saved to %s: size %d" tempfile size)
(should (< 0 size))
(insert-file-contents-literally tempfile)
(should (looking-at (concat ";; Object "
(message "Reading object back")
(setq back (eieio-persistent-read tempfile))
(should back)
(message "Read object back: %d keys, expected %d==%d"
(registry-size back) n (registry-size db))
(should (= (registry-size back) n))
(should (= (registry-size back) (registry-size db)))
(delete-file tempfile))
(message "Done with persistence testing."))
(provide 'registry)
;;; registry.el ends here
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