Commit ccf25760 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Fix mistake in describe-buffer-bindings

* src/keymap.c (Fdescribe_buffer_bindings): Fix a call in
describe-buffer-bindings.  This fixes a mistake in my previous commit
to prefer the Lisp version of describe-map-tree (8a144131), where
0 was accidentally converted to Qt in two places.
parent 73536ffe
......@@ -2926,7 +2926,7 @@ You type Translation\n\
CALLN (Ffuncall,
KVAR (current_kboard, Vlocal_function_key_map), Qnil, Qnil, prefix,
msg, nomenu, Qt, Qt, Qt);
msg, nomenu, Qt, Qnil, Qnil);
/* Print the input-decode-map translations under this prefix. */
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