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2009-09-02 Carsten Dominik <>

	* refcards/orgcard.tex: Document new effort setting commands.
	Document the new keys for agenda time motion.
	Document the `E' key in the agenda.
parent 6eb02347
% Reference Card for Org Mode
\def\versionyear{2009} % latest update
\def\year{2009} % latest copyright year
......@@ -549,7 +549,7 @@ \section{Tags}
\section{Properties and Column View}
\key{set property}{C-c C-x p}
\key{set property/effort}{C-c C-x p/e}
\key{special commands in property lines}{C-c C-c}
\key{next/previous allowed value}{S-left/right}
\key{turn on column view}{C-c C-x C-c}
......@@ -593,8 +593,7 @@ \section{Timestamps}
{\bf Clocking time}
\key{start clock on current item}{C-c C-x C-i}
\key{stop clock on current item}{C-c C-x C-o}
\key{cancel current clock}{C-c C-x C-x}
\key{stop/cancel clock on current item}{C-c C-x C-o/x}
\key{display total subtree times}{C-c C-x C-d}
\key{remove displayed times}{C-c C-c}
\key{insert/update table with clock report}{C-c C-x C-r}
......@@ -627,21 +626,22 @@ \section{Agenda Views}
\key{goto original location in other window}{TAB/mouse-2}
%\key{... also available with}{mouse-2}
\key{goto original location, delete other windows}{RET}
\key{show subtree in indirect buffer, ded.\ frame}{b}
\key{toggle follow-mode}{f}
\key{show subtree in indirect buffer, ded.\ frame}{C-c C-x b}
\key{toggle follow-mode}{F}
{\bf Change display}
\key{delete other windows}{o}
\key{view mode dipatcher}{v}
\key{switch to day/week/month/year view}{d w vm vy}
\key{toggle inclusion of diary entries}{D}
\key{toggle time grid for daily schedule}{G}
\key{toggle display of logbook entries}{l}
\key{toggle inclusion of archived trees/files}{v / C-u v}
\key{toggle diary entries / time grid}{D / G}
\key{toggle entry text / clock report}{E / R}
\key{toggle display of logbook entries}{l / v l/L}
\key{toggle inclusion of archived trees/files}{v a/A}
\key{refresh agenda buffer with any changes}{r / g}
\key{filter with repect to a tag}{/}
\key{save all org-mode buffers}{s}
\key{display next/previous day,week,...}{RIGHT/LEFT}
\key{display next/previous day,week,...}{f / b}
\key{goto today / some date (prompt)}{. / j}
{\bf Remote editing}
......@@ -651,9 +651,9 @@ \section{Agenda Views}
\key{kill item and source}{C-k}
\key{archive the subtree (file/tag/sibling)}{\$ / a / A}
\key{refile the subtree}{C-c C-w}
\key{show tags of current headline}{T}
\key{set tags for current headline/region}{:}
\key{set / compute priority of current item}{p / P}
\key{set/show tags of current headline}{: / T}
\key{set effort property (prefix=nth)}{e}
\key{set / compute priority of current item}{, / P}
\key{raise/lower priority of current item}{S-UP/DOWN$^3$}
\key{run an attachment command}{C-c C-a}
\key{schedule/set deadline for this item}{C-c C-s/d}
......@@ -667,7 +667,7 @@ \section{Agenda Views}
{\bf Misc}
\key{open link in current line}{C-c C-o}
\key{follow one or offer all links in current entry}{C-c C-o}
{\bf Calendar commands}
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