Commit ccfd2e20 authored by Jim Porter's avatar Jim Porter Committed by Michael Albinus
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Fix GUD overlay arrows in M-x gdb when debugging over Tramp. Don't merge

* lisp/progmodes/gdb-mi.el (gdb-frame-handler): Use local part of
file name when setting `gud-last-frame'.
parent e61688f8
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......@@ -4376,7 +4376,7 @@ overlay arrow in source buffer."
(let ((frame (bindat-get-field (gdb-json-partial-output) 'frame)))
(when frame
(setq gdb-selected-frame (bindat-get-field frame 'func))
(setq gdb-selected-file (bindat-get-field frame 'fullname))
(setq gdb-selected-file (file-local-name (bindat-get-field frame 'fullname)))
(setq gdb-frame-number (bindat-get-field frame 'level))
(setq gdb-frame-address (bindat-get-field frame 'addr))
(let ((line (bindat-get-field frame 'line)))
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