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Removed some keystrokes for obscure toggle commands:

C-c C-v C-a, C-c C-v C-p, C-c C-v C-q and C-c C-v C-k.
(gnus-uu-decode-and-save-all-unread-articles-and-mark): Fn deleted.
(gnus-uu-decode-and-save-all-articles-and-mark): Fn deleted.
(gnus-uu-do-sloppy-uudecode): Variable deleted.
(gnus-uu-decode-and-save-articles): Rewritten.
(gnus-uu-grab-articles, gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as): Rewritten to
properly handle multiple encoded files in one gulp.
(gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as): Replace spaces in file names with
underscores before giving the file to uudecode.

(gnus-uu-save-in-digest): Doc fix.
(gnus-uu-save-articles, gnus-uu-save-article,
gnus-uu-digest-and-forward, gnus-uu-marked-digest-and-forward):
Changed old functions and added new functions to digest and
forward articles.
(gnus-uu-mark-thread): New function to mark a thread for later treatment.
(gnus-uu-mark-by-regexp): Changed to add articles instead of
clearing before adding.
(gnus-uu-check-for-generated-files): First delete files, then
(gnus-uu-edit-begin-line, gnus-uu-decode-and-show-in-buffer):
Select the current article before starting work.
(gnus-uu-decode-and-view-all-articles):  Two new functions for
decoding and viewing all (unread) articles in a newsgroup.

(gnus-uu-view-directory, gnus-uu-unpack-archives,
gnus-uu-treat-archive): gnus-uu will now treat archives in
archives (etc) properly when viewing.

gnus-uu-threaded-multi-decode-and-view): New interactive functions
for decoding/saving threads.  Bound to `C-c C-v C-j'.
(gnus-uu-save-article): Added RFC1153-compliant digest saving.

(gnus-uu-initialize): Does some checks and expands
relative temp dir names.

(gnus-uu-decode-and-strip, gnus-uu-grab-articles)
(gnus-uu-decode-and-view-or-save):  Allow multiple
encoded files to be decoded (and viewed) in one fell swoop.
(gnus-uu-work-dir): New variable.

(gnus-uu-view-file): Changed to work with metamail.
(gnus-uu-get-action, gnus-uu-toggle-view-with-metamail): New functions.
(gnus-uu-ext-to-mime, gnus-uu-view-with-metamail): New variables.
(gnus-uu-ctl-map): Add C-a binding.
(gnus-uu-summary-next-subject): Ensures that the next unread
article is moved to.
(gnus-uu-default-interactive-view-rules-end): New variable to
provide a "catch-all" when using interactive mode.
(gnus-uu-get-action): Changed viewing rules in interactive mode.

(gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as): Disabled
case-fold-search and changed gnus-uu-body-line to be more restrictive.
gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as): Changed hard returns to \r.
(gnus-uu-post-reply-mode): New mode for sending encoded files.
(gnus-uu-post-news, gnus-uu-post-insert-binary-in-article)
(gnus-uu-post-encode-uuencode, gnus-uu-post-encode-mime-uuencode)
(gnus-uu-post-encode-mime, gnus-uu-post-make-mime)
(gnus-uu-post-encode-file, gnus-uu-post-news-inews)
(gnus-uu-post-insert-binary, gnus-uu-post-encoded): New functions.
(gnus-uu-post-encode-method, gnus-uu-post-include-before-composing)
(gnus-uu-post-threaded, gnus-uu-post-binary-separator): New variables.
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