Commit cd1d9e79 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/register.el: Use cl-generic

(registerv): Make it a "normal"struct.
(registerv-make): Declare obsolete.
(register-val-jump-to, register-val-describe, register-val-insert):
New generic functions.
(jump-to-register, describe-register-1, insert-register): Use them.

* lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Prefill a combination of struct+typeof.
(cl--generic-prefill-dispatchers): Allow a list of specializers.
parent cf13450d
......@@ -808,22 +808,26 @@ methods.")
;; able to preload cl-generic without also preloading the byte-compiler,
;; So we use `eval-when-compile' so as not keep it available longer than
;; strictly needed.
(defmacro cl--generic-prefill-dispatchers (arg-or-context specializer)
(defmacro cl--generic-prefill-dispatchers (arg-or-context &rest specializers)
(unless (integerp arg-or-context)
(setq arg-or-context `(&context . ,arg-or-context)))
(unless (fboundp 'cl--generic-get-dispatcher)
(require 'cl-generic))
(let ((fun (cl--generic-get-dispatcher
`(,arg-or-context ,@(cl-generic-generalizers specializer)
,@(apply #'append
(mapcar #'cl-generic-generalizers specializers))
;; Recompute dispatch at run-time, since the generalizers may be slightly
;; different (e.g. byte-compiled rather than interpreted).
;; FIXME: There is a risk that the run-time generalizer is not equivalent
;; to the compile-time one, in which case `fun' may not be correct
;; any more!
`(let ((dispatch `(,',arg-or-context
,@(cl-generic-generalizers ',specializer)
`(let ((dispatch
,@(apply #'append
(mapcar #'cl-generic-generalizers ',specializers))
;; (message "Prefilling for %S with \n%S" dispatch ',fun)
(puthash dispatch ',fun cl--generic-dispatchers)))))
......@@ -1205,6 +1209,7 @@ See the full list and their hierarchy in `cl--generic-typeof-types'."
(cl--generic-prefill-dispatchers 0 integer)
(cl--generic-prefill-dispatchers 0 cl--generic-generalizer integer)
;;; Dispatch on major mode.
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