Commit cd2204f0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Add a package: line to c-submit-bug-report.

* lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-submit-bug-report):
Add a Package: line for mail clients that do not support X- headers.
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......@@ -2220,6 +2220,7 @@ Key bindings:
;; reporter-submit-bug-report requires sendmail.
(declare-function mail-position-on-field "sendmail" (field &optional soft))
(declare-function mail-text "sendmail" ())
(defun c-submit-bug-report ()
"Submit via mail a bug report on CC Mode."
......@@ -2284,9 +2285,26 @@ Key bindings:
(lambda ()
(run-hooks 'c-prepare-bug-report-hook)
(let ((hook (get mail-user-agent 'hookvar)))
(if hook
(add-hook hook
(lambda ()
(unless (looking-at "Package: ")
(insert "Package: " c-mode-bug-package "\n\n"))))
nil t)))
(or (mail-position-on-field "X-Debbugs-Package")
(insert c-mode-bug-package)))
(insert c-mode-bug-package))
;; For mail clients that do not support X- headers.
;; Sadly reporter-submit-bug-report unconditionally adds
;; a blank line before SALUTATION, so we can't use that.
;; It is also sad that reporter offers no way to leave point
;; after this line we are now inserting.
(or (looking-at "Package:")
(insert "Package: " c-mode-bug-package)))
(insert (format "Buffer Style: %s\nc-emacs-features: %s\n"
style c-features)))))))
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