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cvs-mode-add does not ask for a description any more.

parent dba57d89
\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c "@(#)$Name: $:$Id: pcl-cvs.texi,v 1.13 2002/02/12 19:29:41 monnier Exp $"
@c "@(#)$Name: $:$Id: pcl-cvs.texi,v 1.14 2002/02/13 22:30:34 monnier Exp $"
@c Documentation for the GNU Emacs CVS mode.
@c Copyright (C) 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
......@@ -657,8 +657,8 @@ unless temporary flags are set which override them.
Perhaps an example or two is in order. Say you are about to add a
binary file to the repository, and want to specify the flags @samp{-kb}
to @samp{cvs add}. You can type @kbd{C-u a -kb @key{RET}}, enter the
description, and the file will be added. Subsequent @samp{cvs add}
to @samp{cvs add}. You can type @kbd{C-u a -kb @key{RET}},
and the file will be added. Subsequent @samp{cvs add}
commands will use the previously prevailing flags.
As a second example, say you are about to perform a diff and want to see
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