Commit cd726ef6 authored by Sam Steingold's avatar Sam Steingold

Save and restore buffer-display-time

* desktop.el (desktop-locals-to-save): Add `buffer-display-time'
(desktop-read): Set `desktop-file-modtime' before loading the desktop file
(desktop-create-buffer): Adjust `buffer-display-time' for the downtime
parent cf566b46
......@@ -367,6 +367,7 @@ these won't be deleted."
......@@ -1233,8 +1234,8 @@ Using it may cause conflicts. Use it anyway? " owner)))))
(memq 'desktop-auto-save-set-timer window-configuration-change-hook))
;; Evaluate desktop buffer and remember when it was modified.
(load (desktop-full-file-name) t t t)
(setq desktop-file-modtime (nth 5 (file-attributes (desktop-full-file-name))))
(load (desktop-full-file-name) t t t)
;; If it wasn't already, mark it as in-use, to bother other
;; desktop instances.
(unless (eq (emacs-pid) owner)
......@@ -1536,6 +1537,19 @@ and try to load that."
;; An entry of the form `symbol'.
(make-local-variable this)
(makunbound this)))
;; adjust `buffer-display-time' for the downtime. e.g.,
;; * if `buffer-display-time' was 8:00
;; * and emacs stopped at `desktop-file-modtime' == 11:00
;; * and we are loading the desktop file at (current-time) 12:30,
;; -> then we restore `buffer-display-time' as 9:30,
;; for the sake of `clean-buffer-list': preserving the invariant
;; "how much time the user spent in Emacs without looking at this buffer".
(setq buffer-display-time
(if buffer-display-time
(time-add buffer-display-time
(time-subtract (current-time)
(unless (< desktop-file-version 208) ; Don't misinterpret any old custom args
(dolist (record compacted-vars)
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