Commit cd9d9561 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(lisp-fill-paragraph): Fix backslashes.

parent a682a2d3
;;; lisp-mode.el --- Lisp mode, and its idiosyncratic commands
;; Copyright (C) 1985,86,1999,2000,01,03,2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Copyright (C) 1985, 1986, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Maintainer: FSF
;; Keywords: lisp, languages
......@@ -1153,7 +1154,8 @@ paragraph of it that point is in, preserving the comment's indentation
and initial semicolons."
(interactive "P")
(or (fill-comment-paragraph justify)
;; Point is on a program line (a line no comment); we are interested
;; Since fill-comment-paragraph returned nil, that means we're not in
;; a comment: Point is on a program line; we are interested
;; particularly in docstring lines.
;; We bind `paragraph-start' and `paragraph-separate' temporarily. They
......@@ -1182,7 +1184,7 @@ and initial semicolons."
;; The `fill-column' is temporarily bound to
;; `emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column' if that value is an integer.
(let ((paragraph-start (concat paragraph-start
(concat paragraph-separate "\\|\\s-*\".*[,\\.]$"))
(fill-column (if (integerp emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column)
......@@ -1227,5 +1229,5 @@ means don't indent that line."
(provide 'lisp-mode)
;;; arch-tag: 414c7f93-c245-4b77-8ed5-ed05ef7ff1bf
;; arch-tag: 414c7f93-c245-4b77-8ed5-ed05ef7ff1bf
;;; lisp-mode.el ends here
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