Commit cdbc7fec authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

Remove extern decl for frame parameter vars.

(change_window_heights): New generic function;
replaces x_change_window_heights.  All users changed.
parent abdb2fa0
......@@ -52,7 +52,6 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
Lisp_Object Qwindowp, Qwindow_live_p, Qwindow_configuration_p;
Lisp_Object Qwindow_size_fixed;
extern Lisp_Object Qleft_margin, Qright_margin;
extern Lisp_Object Qheight, Qwidth;
static int displayed_window_lines P_ ((struct window *));
static struct window *decode_window P_ ((Lisp_Object));
......@@ -2639,6 +2638,35 @@ set_window_width (window, width, nodelete)
size_window (window, width, 1, nodelete);
/* Change window heights in windows rooted in WINDOW by N lines. */
change_window_heights (window, n)
Lisp_Object window;
int n;
struct window *w = XWINDOW (window);
XSETFASTINT (w->top, XFASTINT (w->top) + n);
XSETFASTINT (w->height, XFASTINT (w->height) - n);
if (INTEGERP (w->orig_top))
XSETFASTINT (w->orig_top, XFASTINT (w->orig_top) + n);
if (INTEGERP (w->orig_height))
XSETFASTINT (w->orig_height, XFASTINT (w->orig_height) - n);
/* Handle just the top child in a vertical split. */
if (!NILP (w->vchild))
change_window_heights (w->vchild, n);
/* Adjust all children in a horizontal split. */
for (window = w->hchild; !NILP (window); window = w->next)
w = XWINDOW (window);
change_window_heights (window, n);
int window_select_count;
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