Commit cdd5ea86 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Fsignal_process): Allow PROCESS to be specified by

name in addition to pid (as integer or string).
parent e8a32599
......@@ -5391,14 +5391,46 @@ If PROCESS is a network process, resume handling of incoming traffic. */)
DEFUN ("signal-process", Fsignal_process, Ssignal_process,
2, 2, "nProcess number: \nnSignal code: ",
doc: /* Send the process with process id PID the signal with code SIGCODE.
PID must be an integer. The process need not be a child of this Emacs.
2, 2, "sProcess (name or number): \nnSignal code: ",
doc: /* Send PROCESS the signal with code SIGCODE.
PROCESS may also be an integer specifying the process id of the
process to signal; in this case, the process need not be a child of
this Emacs.
SIGCODE may be an integer, or a symbol whose name is a signal name. */)
(pid, sigcode)
Lisp_Object pid, sigcode;
(process, sigcode)
Lisp_Object process, sigcode;
Lisp_Object pid;
if (INTEGERP (process))
pid = process;
goto got_it;
if (STRINGP (process))
Lisp_Object tem;
if (tem = Fget_process (process), NILP (tem))
pid = Fstring_to_number (process, make_number (10));
if (XINT (pid) != 0)
goto got_it;
process = tem;
process = get_process (process);
if (NILP (process))
return process;
CHECK_PROCESS (process);
pid = XPROCESS (process)->pid;
if (!INTEGERP (pid) || XINT (pid) <= 0)
error ("Cannot signal process %s", SDATA (XPROCESS (process)->name));
#define handle_signal(NAME, VALUE) \
else if (!strcmp (name, NAME)) \
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