Commit cde20f41 authored by Joseph Arceneaux's avatar Joseph Arceneaux
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* lisp.h: Declare Qbuffer_or_string_p.

parent 03ad6beb
......@@ -445,9 +445,9 @@ struct interval
unsigned char write_protect; /* Non-zero means can't modify. */
unsigned char visible; /* Zero means don't display. */
unsigned char front_hungry; /* Non-zero means text inserted just
unsigned char front_sticky; /* Non-zero means text inserted just
before this interval goes into it. */
unsigned char rear_hungry; /* Likewise for just after it. */
unsigned char rear_sticky; /* Likewise for just after it. */
Lisp_Object plist; /* Properties of this interval. */
......@@ -908,6 +908,7 @@ extern Lisp_Object Qstringp, Qarrayp, Qsequencep, Qbufferp;
extern Lisp_Object Qchar_or_string_p, Qmarkerp, Qvectorp;
extern Lisp_Object Qinteger_or_marker_p, Qnumber_or_marker_p;
extern Lisp_Object Qboundp, Qfboundp;
extern Lisp_Object Qbuffer_or_string_p;
extern Lisp_Object Qcdr;
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