Commit cdec3139 authored by Ryan C. Thompson's avatar Ryan C. Thompson Committed by Dmitry Gutov

lisp/ido.el: Respect completion-auto-help setting

This commit makes ido completion respect the user's setting for
`completion-auto-help' by default.  It does this by defining a wrapper
function `ido-completion-auto-help', which calls `ido-completion-help'
only when `completion-auto-help' is non-nil.

* lisp/ido.el (ido-completion-auto-help): New function.
Use it as the new default (bug#41340).
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......@@ -499,11 +499,13 @@ This means that \\[ido-complete] must always be followed by \\[ido-exit-minibuff
even when there is only one unique completion."
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom ido-cannot-complete-command 'ido-completion-help
(defcustom ido-cannot-complete-command 'ido-completion-auto-help
"Command run when `ido-complete' can't complete any more.
The most useful values are `ido-completion-help', which pops up a
window with completion alternatives, or `ido-next-match' or
`ido-prev-match', which cycle the buffer list."
window with completion alternatives; `ido-completion-auto-help',
which does the same but respects the value of
`completion-auto-help'; or `ido-next-match' or `ido-prev-match',
which cycle the buffer list."
:type 'function)
......@@ -3926,6 +3928,14 @@ If `ido-change-word-sub' cannot be found in WORD, return nil."
(when (bobp)
(next-completion 1)))))
(defun ido-completion-auto-help ()
"Call `ido-completion-help' if `completion-auto-help' is non-nil."
;; Note: `completion-auto-help' could also be `lazy', but this value
;; is irrelevant to ido, which is fundamentally eager, so it is
;; treated the same as t.
(when completion-auto-help
(defun ido-completion-help ()
"Show possible completions in the `ido-completion-buffer'."
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