Commit cdf8c318 authored by Ken Brown's avatar Ken Brown

Extend workaround for Cygwin O_PATH bug

* (HAVE_CYGWIN_O_PATH_BUG): Extend to Cygwin versions
3.1.0 through 3.1.2.  (Bug#39371)
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......@@ -5751,9 +5751,9 @@ case $opsys,$emacs_uname_r in
AC_MSG_WARN([[building Emacs on Cygwin 1.5 is not supported.]])
cygwin,3.0.[[0-7]]'('* | cygwin,3.1.[[0-2]]'('*)
[Define to 1 if opening a FIFO with O_PATH causes a hang.]);;
[Define to 1 if opening a FIFO, socket, or symlink with O_PATH is buggy.]);;
# Remove any trailing slashes in these variables.
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