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* ack.texi (Acknowledgments): Add mpc.el

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2010-04-15 Glenn Morris <>
* ack.texi (Acknowledgments): Add mpc.el
* custom.texi (Specifying File Variables, Directory Variables):
Document new commands for manipulating local variable lists.
......@@ -801,8 +801,9 @@ a directory-level front end to the CVS version control system;
@file{reveal.el}, a minor mode for automatically revealing invisible
text; @file{smerge-mode.el}, a minor mode for resolving @code{diff3}
conflicts; @file{diff-mode.el}, a mode for viewing and editing context
diffs; @file{css-mode.el} for Cascading Style Sheets; and
@file{bibtex-style.el} for BibTeX Style files.
diffs; @file{css-mode.el} for Cascading Style Sheets;
@file{bibtex-style.el} for BibTeX Style files; and @file{mpc.el}, a
client for the ``Music Player Daemon''.
Morioka Tomohiko wrote several packages for MIME support in Gnus and
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