Commit ce0ad53d authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* image.c (clear_image_cache): Now static.

2011-03-11  Paul Eggert  <>
parent 1714f52b
2011-03-11 Paul Eggert <>
* image.c (clear_image_cache): Now static.
2011-03-11 Paul Eggert <>
Fix some minor problems found by GCC 4.5.2's static checks.
......@@ -1493,7 +1493,7 @@ free_image_cache (struct frame *f)
If image-cache-eviction-delay is non-nil, this frees images in the cache
which weren't displayed for at least that many seconds. */
static void
clear_image_cache (struct frame *f, Lisp_Object filter)
struct image_cache *c = FRAME_IMAGE_CACHE (f);
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