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......@@ -81,6 +81,20 @@
;;; o Block files, sparse files, continuation files, and the various header
;;; types aren't editable. Actually I don't know that they work at all.
;;; Rationale:
;;; Why does tar-mode edit the file itself instead of using tar?
;;; That means that you can edit tar files which you don't have room for
;;; on your local disk.
;;; I don't know about recent features in gnu tar, but old versions of tar
;;; can't replace a file in the middle of a tar file with a new version.
;;; Tar-mode can. I don't think tar can do things like chmod the subfiles.
;;; An implementation which involved unpacking and repacking the file into
;;; some scratch directory would be very wasteful, and wouldn't be able to
;;; preserve the file owners.
;;; Code:
(defvar tar-anal-blocksize 20
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