Commit ce22dd53 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(cperl-make-face, cperl-force-face):

Use defvar rather than defconst since it's meant to be settable.
(cperl-syntax-done-to): Don't hardcode 1 as (point-min).
(cperl-fix-line-spacing): Add missing \ in [ t].
parent c247a72c
......@@ -84,13 +84,13 @@
(cond ((fboundp 'make-face)
`(make-face (quote ,arg)))
`(defconst ,arg (quote ,arg) ,descr))))
`(defvar ,arg (quote ,arg) ,descr))))
(defmacro cperl-force-face (arg descr) ; Takes unquoted arg
(or (cperl-is-face (quote ,arg))
(cperl-make-face ,arg ,descr))
(or (boundp (quote ,arg)) ; We use unquoted variants too
(defconst ,arg (quote ,arg) ,descr))))
(defvar ,arg (quote ,arg) ,descr))))
(if cperl-xemacs-p
(defmacro cperl-etags-snarf-tag (file line)
......@@ -994,7 +994,7 @@ the faces: please specify bold, italic, underline, shadow and box.)
(defvar cperl-syntax-state nil)
(defvar cperl-syntax-done-to nil)
(defvar cperl-emacs-can-parse (> (length (save-excursion
(parse-partial-sexp 1 1))) 9))
(parse-partial-sexp (point) (point)))) 9))
;; Make customization possible "in reverse"
(defsubst cperl-val (symbol &optional default hairy)
......@@ -3997,7 +3997,7 @@ Returns some position at the last line."
;; Looking at:
;; } foreach my $var () {
(if (looking-at
"[ \t]*\\(}[ \t]*\\)?\\<\\(\\els\\(e\\|if\\)\\|continue\\|if\\|unless\\|while\\|for\\(each\\)?\\(\\([ t]+\\(my\\|local\\|our\\)\\)?[ \t]*\\$[_a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)?\\|until\\)\\>\\([ \t]*(\\|[ \t\n]*{\\)\\|[ \t]*{")
"[ \t]*\\(}[ \t]*\\)?\\<\\(\\els\\(e\\|if\\)\\|continue\\|if\\|unless\\|while\\|for\\(each\\)?\\(\\([ \t]+\\(my\\|local\\|our\\)\\)?[ \t]*\\$[_a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)?\\|until\\)\\>\\([ \t]*(\\|[ \t\n]*{\\)\\|[ \t]*{")
(setq ml (match-beginning 8))
(re-search-forward "[({]")
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