Commit ce4374c7 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(color): Enclose %t in %{...%}.

parent 49698bb7
...@@ -3575,7 +3575,7 @@ example: ...@@ -3575,7 +3575,7 @@ example:
;; Fixme: match ;; Fixme: match
(define-widget 'color 'editable-field (define-widget 'color 'editable-field
"Choose a color name (with sample)." "Choose a color name (with sample)."
:format "%t: %v (%{sample%})\n" :format "%{%t%}: %v (%{sample%})\n"
:size 10 :size 10
:tag "Color" :tag "Color"
:value "black" :value "black"
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