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(c-looking-at-inexpr-block): Replaced a call to

c-beginning-of-statement-1 that caused a bad case of recursion
which could consume a lot of CPU in large classes in languages
that have in-expression classes (i.e. Java and Pike).

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Check for in-expression
statements before top level constructs (i.e. case 6 is moved
before case 5 and is now case 4) to catch in-expression
classes in top level expressions correctly.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Less naive handling of
objc-method-intro. Case 4 removed and case 5I added.

c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed recognition of inheritance lists
when the lines begins with a comma.

(c-forward-syntactic-ws): Fixed an infloop bug
when the buffer ends with a macro continuation char.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Added support for
function definitions as statements in Pike.  The first
statement in a lambda block is now labeled defun-block-intro
instead of statement-block-intro.

(c-narrow-out-enclosing-class): Whack the state
so that the class surrounding point is selected, not the one
innermost in the state.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed bug in
recognition of switch labels having hanging multiline

(c-beginning-of-member-init-list): Broke out
some code in c-guess-basic-syntax to a separate function.
(c-just-after-func-arglist-p): Fixed
recognition of member inits with multiple line arglists.
(c-guess-basic-syntax): New case 5B.3 to detect
member-init-cont when the commas are in funny places.

(c-looking-at-bos): New helper function.
(c-looking-at-inexpr-block): More tests to tell
inexpr and toplevel classes apart in Pike.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed bogus recognition
of case 9A.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Made the cpp-macro
a syntax modifier like comment-intro, to make it possible to
get syntactic indentation for preprocessor directives.  It's
incompatible wrt to lineup functions on cpp-macro, but it has
no observable effect in the 99.9% common case where cpp-macro
is set to -1000.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed bug with missed
member-init-cont when the preceding arglist is several lines.

(c-beginning-of-statement-1): Fixed bug where
we were left at comments preceding the first statement when
reaching the beginning of the buffer.

(c-beginning-of-closest-statement): New helper
function to go back to the closest preceding statement start,
which could be inside a conditional statement.
(c-guess-basic-syntax): Use
c-beginning-of-closest-statement in cases 10B.2, 17B and 17C.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Better handling of
arglist-intro, arglist-cont-nonempty and arglist-close when
the arglist is nested inside parens.  Cases 7A, 7C and 7F

(c-beginning-of-statement-1): Fixed handling of
multiline Pike type decls.

(c-guess-basic-syntax): Fixed bug with
fully::qualified::names in C++ member init lists.  Preamble in
case 5D changed.
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