Commit ce9f59df authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Fix previous change (@AUCTeX{} -> AUC@TeX{}, @RefTex{} -> Ref@TeX{}).

parent 6fbb6db1
......@@ -13,10 +13,10 @@
@set AUCTEXSITE @uref{,AUCTeX distribution site}
@set MAINTAINERSITE @uref{,Ref@TeX{} web page}
@set MAINTAINERCONTACT @uref{,contact the maintainers}
@set MAINTAINER the @AUCTeX{} project
@set SUPPORTADDRESS @AUCTeX{} user mailing list (@email{})
@set DEVELADDRESS @AUCTeX{} developer mailing list (@email{})
@set BUGADDRESS @AUCTeX{} bug mailing list (@email{})
@set MAINTAINER the AUC@TeX{} project
@set SUPPORTADDRESS AUC@TeX{} user mailing list (@email{})
@set DEVELADDRESS AUC@TeX{} developer mailing list (@email{})
@set BUGADDRESS AUC@TeX{} bug mailing list (@email{})
@set XEMACSFTP @uref{,XEmacs ftp site}
@c %**end of header
......@@ -3498,7 +3498,7 @@ Ref@TeX{} was written by @i{Carsten Dominik}
Eglen}. Ref@TeX{} is currently maintained by @value{MAINTAINER}, see
the @value{MAINTAINERSITE} for detailed information.
If you have questions about @RefTeX{}, you can send email to the
If you have questions about Ref@TeX{}, you can send email to the
@value{SUPPORTADDRESS}. If you want to contribute code or ideas, write
to the @value{DEVELADDRESS}. And in the rare case of finding a bug,
please use @kbd{M-x reftex-report-bug @key{RET}} which will prepare a
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