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(BUGS): High cpu load on windows server sockets fixed.

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......@@ -41,21 +41,6 @@ and KDE projects, to use the new Emacs icons in etc/images/icons.
'(hscroll-step 1)
** TCP server processes do not work on Windows.
TCP/IP server processes created with `make-network-process' consume
excesive CPU on some Windows environments. Usages of 50% and 100%
CPU time have been observed on different Window XP configurations.
Seems to be a problem in sys_select in w32proc.c.
In its current form, it sys_select says the socket is ready, so we
call server_accept_connection which again calls accept() which returns
-1 with errno == WSAEWOULDBLOCK (10035) indicating that there is no
pending connection to accept.
It seems that to fix this, w32 server sockets must use WSAAsyncSelect
+ FD_ACCEPT to request notifications of incoming connections...
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