Commit cecd4c20 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-emacs-type-19, calc-emacs-type-epoch, calc-emacs-type-gnu19):


(calc-digit-map, calc-read-key-sequence, calc-read-key): Removed
check for old emacs versions.
parent f1625eaa
......@@ -656,12 +656,7 @@ If nil, selections displayed but ignored.")
;; Verify that Calc is running on the right kind of system.
(defconst calc-emacs-type-epoch (and (fboundp 'epoch::version) epoch::version))
(defvar calc-emacs-type-19 (not (or calc-emacs-type-epoch
(string-lessp emacs-version "19"))))
(defvar calc-emacs-type-lucid (not (not (string-match "Lucid" emacs-version))))
(defvar calc-emacs-type-gnu19 (and calc-emacs-type-19
(not calc-emacs-type-lucid)))
;; Set up the standard keystroke (M-#) to run the Calculator, if that key
;; has not yet been bound to anything. For best results, the user should
......@@ -827,8 +822,8 @@ If nil, selections displayed but ignored.")
(if (eq bind 'undefined)
'undefined 'calcDigit-nondigit))))
(let ((cmap (if calc-emacs-type-19 (nth 1 calc-mode-map) calc-mode-map))
(dmap (if calc-emacs-type-19 (nth 1 map) map))
(let ((cmap (nth 1 calc-mode-map))
(dmap (nth 1 map))
(i 0))
(while (< i 128)
(aset dmap i
......@@ -998,9 +993,7 @@ If nil, selections displayed but ignored.")
(use-global-map map)
(use-local-map nil)
(if (commandp (key-binding (if calc-emacs-type-19
(vector (cdr key))
(char-to-string (cdr key)))))
(if (commandp (key-binding (vector (cdr key))))
"" prompt2)))
(use-global-map glob)
(use-local-map loc)))))
......@@ -3425,11 +3418,8 @@ Also looks for the equivalent TeX words, \\gets and \\evalto."
(let ((key (event-to-character event t t)))
(or key optkey (error "Expected a plain keystroke"))
(cons key event))))
(let ((key (read-event)))
(cons key key)))
(let ((key (read-char)))
(let ((key (read-event)))
(cons key key)))))
(defun calc-unread-command (&optional input)
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