Commit cef7ae6e authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(user-original-login-name): Reduce to a defalias, since it's redundant with

user-login-name.  All callers changed to use user-login-name.
parent 66b89353
......@@ -614,10 +614,7 @@ Accept any number of arguments, but ignore them."
(while t
(signal 'error (list (apply 'format args)))))
(defun user-original-login-name ()
"Return user's login name from original login.
This tries to remain unaffected by `su', by looking in environment variables."
(or (getenv "LOGNAME") (getenv "USER") (user-login-name)))
(defalias 'user-original-login-name 'user-login-name)
(defun start-process-shell-command (name buffer &rest args)
"Start a program in a subprocess. Return the process object for it.
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