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tags 123 + wontfix
** Usertags
See <>
"Usertags" are very similar to tags: a set of labels that can be added
to a bug. There are two differences between normal tags and user
1) Anyone can define any valid usertag they like. In contrast, only a
limited, predefined set of normal tags are available (see above).
2) A usertag is associated with a specific email address.
You set usertags in the same way as tags, by talking to the control
server. One difference is that you can also specify the associated
email address. If you don't explicitly specify an address, then it
will use the one from which you send the control message. The address
must have the form of an email address (with an "@" sign and least 4
characters after the "@").
*** Setting usertags
a) In a control message:
usertags 1234 any-tag-you-like
This will add a usertag "any-tag-you-like" to bug 1234. The tag will
be associated with the address "". If you omit
the first line, the tag will be associated with your email address.
The syntax of the usertags command is the same as that of tags (eg wrt
the optional [=+-] argument).
b) In an initial submission, in the pseudo-header:
Usertags: a-new-tag
Again, the "User" is optional.
*** Searching by usertags
The search interface is not as advanced as for normal tags. You need
to construct the relevant url yourself rather than just typing in a
search box. The only piece you really need to add is the "users"
portion, the rest has the same syntax as normal.
**** To find all bugs usertagged by a given email address:
(Supposedly, the "users" field can be a comma-separated list of more
than one email address, but it does not seem to work for me.)
**** To find bugs tagged with a specific usertag:
This works just like a normal tags search, but with the addition of a
"users" field. Eg:;tag=calendar
*** To merge bugs:
Eg when bad replies create a bunch of new bugs for the same report.
Bugs must all be in the same state (e.g. same package(s) and severity
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