Commit cf26ebe8 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(search_image_cache): Remove unused variable.

parent 9720173f
......@@ -1642,21 +1642,26 @@ search_image_cache (f, spec, hash)
struct image *img;
struct image_cache *c = FRAME_X_IMAGE_CACHE (f);
Lisp_Object specified_bg = image_spec_value (spec, QCbackground, NULL);
/* If the image spec does not specify a background color, the cached
image must have the same background color as the current frame.
Likewise for the foreground color of the cached monochrome image.
The following code be improved. For example, jpeg does not
support transparency, but currently a jpeg image spec won't match
a cached spec created with a different frame background. The
extra memory usage is probably negligible in practice. */
The foreground color must also match, for the sake of monochrome
In fact, we could ignore the foreground color matching condition
for color images, or if the image spec specifies :foreground;
similarly we could ignore the background color matching condition
for formats that don't use transparency (such as jpeg), or if the
image spec specifies :background. However, the extra memory
usage is probably negligible in practice, so we don't bother. */
if (!c) return NULL;
for (img = c->buckets[i]; img; img = img->next)
if (img->hash == hash
&& !NILP (Fequal (img->spec, spec))
/* If the image spec specifies a background, it doesn't matter
what the frame background is. */
&& img->frame_foreground == FRAME_FOREGROUND_PIXEL (f)
&& img->frame_background == FRAME_BACKGROUND_PIXEL (f))
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