Commit cf5e4199 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(isearch-text-char-description): Propertize escape

character sequences with the `escape-glyph' face.  (Bug#4344)
parent 83ccc32c
......@@ -2496,8 +2496,8 @@ since they have special meaning in a regexp."
(defun isearch-text-char-description (c)
((< c ?\s) (format "^%c" (+ c 64)))
((= c ?\^?) "^?")
((< c ?\s) (propertize (format "^%c" (+ c 64)) 'face 'escape-glyph))
((= c ?\^?) (propertize "^?" 'face 'escape-glyph))
(t (char-to-string c))))
;; General function to unread characters or events.
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