Commit cf69573a authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(org-publish-org-to-html): Remove duplicate function definition.

parent 58efff64
......@@ -438,20 +438,6 @@ nil if not found."
;;;; Pluggable publishing back-end functions
(defun org-publish-org-to-html (plist filename)
"Publish an org file to HTML.
PLIST is the property list for the given project.
FILENAME is the filename of the org file to be published."
(require 'org)
(let* ((arg (plist-get plist :headline-levels)))
(find-file filename)
(org-export-as-html arg nil plist)
;; get rid of HTML buffer
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))))
(defun org-publish-org-to-latex (plist filename)
"Publish an org file to LaTeX."
(org-publish-org-to "latex" plist filename))
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