Commit cf897a70 authored by Ken Brown's avatar Ken Brown

Unbreak the build on Darwin (Bug#24957)

* src/fileio.c (file_name_case_insensitive_p) [DARWIN_OS]: Fix
mistakes in recent commit.
parent f6397685
......@@ -2282,7 +2282,7 @@ file_name_case_insensitive_p (const char *filename)
/* This is based on's getattrlist man page. */
struct attrlist alist = {.volattr = ATTR_VOL_CAPABILITIES};
struct vol_capabilities_attr_t vcaps;
vol_capabilities_attr_t vcaps;
if (getattrlist (filename, &alist, &vcaps, sizeof vcaps, 0) == 0)
......@@ -2295,7 +2295,7 @@ file_name_case_insensitive_p (const char *filename)
/* The following is based on */
struct attrlist alist;
unsigned char buffer[sizeof (vol_capabilities_attr_t) sizeof (size_t)];
unsigned char buffer[sizeof (vol_capabilities_attr_t) + sizeof (size_t)];
memset (&alist, 0, sizeof (alist));
alist.volattr = ATTR_VOL_CAPABILITIES;
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