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(Coding Conventions): Better explain conventions for definition constructs.

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......@@ -204,11 +204,14 @@ say which functions are replaced, and how the behavior of the
replacements differs from that of the originals.
Avoid using macros that define functions and variables with names that
are constructed. It is best for maintenance when the name of the
function or variable being defined is given explicitly in the source
code, as the second element of the list---as it is when you use
@code{defun}, @code{defalias}, @code{defvar} and @code{defcustom}.
Constructs that define a function or variable should be macros,
not functions, and their names should start with @samp{def}.
Macros that define a functions or variables should take the name to be
defined as the first argument. That will help various tools find the
definition automatically. Avoid constructing the names in the macro
itself, since that would confuse these tools.
Please keep the names of your Emacs Lisp source files to 13 characters
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