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Backport: Mention CONTRIBUTE in README

Mention CONTRIBUTE in README, since it was moved from etc/ to root.
* etc/TODO: Remove the reference to `etc/CONTRIBUTE'.

(cherry picked from commit ed2e7e20)
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......@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ user-visible changes in recent versions of Emacs.
The file etc/PROBLEMS contains information on many common problems that
occur in building, installing and running Emacs.
The file CONTRIBUTE contains information on contributing to Emacs as a
You may encounter bugs in this release. If you do, please report
them; your bug reports are valuable contributions to the FSF, since
they allow us to notice and fix problems on machines we don't have, or
......@@ -13,9 +13,12 @@ the latest version of this file in the Emacs source code repository.
Since Emacs is an FSF-copyrighted package, please be prepared to sign
legal papers to transfer the copyright on your work to the FSF.
For more details on this, see the section "Copyright Assignment"
in etc/CONTRIBUTE. That file also contains some more practical
details about getting involved.
Copyright assignment is a simple process. Residents of some countries
can do it entirely electronically. We can help you get started, and
answer any questions you may have (or point you to the people with the
answers), at the mailing list.
For more information about getting involved, see the CONTRIBUTE file.
As well as the issues listed here, there are bug reports at
<>. Bugs tagged "easy" ought to be suitable for
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