Commit cffcfe66 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(byte-decompile-bytecode-1): Don't add pc values

if make-spliceable is non-nil.  (Arg renamed from make-splicable.)
parent 3c7e6b9d
......@@ -1094,16 +1094,21 @@
;; As byte-decompile-bytecode, but updates
;; byte-compile-{constants, variables, tag-number}.
;; If the optional 3rd arg is true, then `return' opcodes are replaced
;; If MAKE-SPLICEABLE is true, then `return' opcodes are replaced
;; with `goto's destined for the end of the code.
(defun byte-decompile-bytecode-1 (bytes constvec &optional make-splicable)
;; That is for use by the compiler.
;; If MAKE-SPLICEABLE is nil, we are being called for the disassembler.
;; In that case, we put a pc value into the list
;; before each insn (or its label).
(defun byte-decompile-bytecode-1 (bytes constvec &optional make-spliceable)
(let ((length (length bytes))
(ptr 0) optr tag tags op offset
lap tmp
(retcount 0))
(while (not (= ptr length))
(setq lap (cons ptr lap))
(or make-spliceable
(setq lap (cons ptr lap)))
(setq op (aref bytes ptr)
optr ptr
offset (disassemble-offset)) ; this does dynamic-scope magic
......@@ -1125,7 +1130,7 @@
(car (setq byte-compile-variables
(cons (list tmp)
((and make-splicable
((and make-spliceable
(eq op 'byte-return))
(if (= ptr (1- length))
(setq op nil)
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