Commit d013f29b authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(file_name_completion): Ignore a candidate directory if

it matches an element in completion-ignored-extensions that ends
in a slash.
(syms_of_dired) <completion-ignored-extensions>: Mention the above
feature in the doc string.
(Ffile_name_completion): Ditto.
parent 8eaa3bc7
......@@ -404,7 +404,10 @@ DEFUN ("file-name-completion", Ffile_name_completion, Sfile_name_completion,
Returns the longest string\n\
common to all file names in DIRECTORY that start with FILE.\n\
If there is only one and FILE matches it exactly, returns t.\n\
Returns nil if DIR contains no name starting with FILE.")
Returns nil if DIR contains no name starting with FILE.\n\
This function ignores some of the possible completions as\n\
determined by the variable `completion-ignored-extensions', which see.")
(file, directory)
Lisp_Object file, directory;
......@@ -555,6 +558,31 @@ file_name_completion (file, dirname, all_flag, ver_flag)
actually in the way in a directory contains only one file. */
if (!passcount && TRIVIAL_DIRECTORY_ENTRY (dp->d_name))
if (!passcount && len > XSTRING (encoded_file)->size)
/* Ignore directories if they match an element of
completion-ignored-extensions which ends in a slash. */
for (tem = Vcompletion_ignored_extensions;
CONSP (tem); tem = XCDR (tem))
int elt_len;
elt = XCAR (tem);
if (!STRINGP (elt))
elt_len = XSTRING (elt)->size - 1; /* -1 for trailing / */
if (elt_len == 0)
p1 = XSTRING (elt)->data;
if (p1[elt_len] != '/')
skip = len - elt_len;
if (skip < 0)
if (0 <= scmp (dp->d_name + skip, p1, elt_len))
......@@ -952,6 +980,8 @@ syms_of_dired ()
DEFVAR_LISP ("completion-ignored-extensions", &Vcompletion_ignored_extensions,
"*Completion ignores filenames ending in any string in this list.\n\
Directories are ignored if they match any string in this list which\n\
ends in a slash.\n\
This variable does not affect lists of possible completions,\n\
but does affect the commands that actually do completions.");
Vcompletion_ignored_extensions = Qnil;
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