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(Using Region): Document use-empty-active-region.

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......@@ -225,6 +225,16 @@ Save it in a buffer or a file (@pxref{Accumulating Text}).
If Delete Selection mode is enabled, some commands delete the region
when used while the mark is active. @xref{Mouse Commands}.
Some commands have a default behavior when the region is inactive,
but operate on the text in the region if the region is active. For
example, @kbd{M-$} (@code{ispell-word}) normally checks the spelling
of the word at point, but it checks the text in the region if the
region is active (@pxref{Spelling}). Normally, such commands use
their default behavior if the region is empty (i.e., if mark and point
are at the same position). If you want them to operate on the empty
region, change the variable @code{use-empty-active-region} to
@node Mark Ring
@section The Mark Ring
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