Commit d036ccf4 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts

(enum event_kind): Add GPM_CLICK_EVENT.

Include gpm.h.
(handle_one_term_event, term_gpm) New externs.
parent 389360bb
......@@ -340,7 +340,11 @@ enum event_kind
symbols, respectively. Member `arg' is a Lisp object converted
from the received Apple event. Parameters for non-Apple events
are converted to those in Apple events. */
#ifdef HAVE_GPM_H
......@@ -446,6 +450,14 @@ enum {
meta_modifier = CHAR_META /* Under X, the XK_Meta_[LR] keysyms. */
#ifdef HAVE_GPM_H
#include <gpm.h>
extern int handle_one_term_event (Gpm_Event *, struct input_event *);
/* Nonzero means mouse is enabled on Linux console */
extern int term_gpm;
/* arch-tag: 33a00ecc-52b5-4186-a410-8801ac9f087d
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