Commit d03d411d authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader

Order multiple entries more cleverly in face-remap-add-relative

parent b597d348
2008-06-17 Miles Bader <>
* face-remap.el (internal-lisp-face-attributes): New variable.
(face-attrs-more-relative-p, face-remap-order): New functions.
(face-remap-add-relative): Use `face-remap-order'.
2008-06-17 Glenn Morris <>
* mouse.el (x-select-font): Declare.
......@@ -61,6 +61,48 @@
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------
;; Utility functions
;; Names of face attributes corresponding to lisp face-vector positions.
;; This variable should probably be defined in C code where the actual
;; definitions are available.
(defvar internal-lisp-face-attributes
:family :foundry :swidth :height :weight :slant :underline :inverse
:foreground :background :stipple :overline :strike :box
:font :inherit :fontset :vector])
(defun face-attrs-more-relative-p (attrs1 attrs2)
"Return true if ATTRS1 contains a greater number of relative
face-attributes than ATTRS2. A face attribute is considered
relative if `face-attribute-relative-p' returns non-nil.
ATTRS1 and ATTRS2 may be any value suitable for a `face' text
property, including face names, lists of face names,
face-attribute plists, etc.
This function can be used as a predicate with `sort', to sort
face lists so that more specific faces are located near the end."
(unless (vectorp attrs1)
(setq attrs1 (face-attributes-as-vector attrs1)))
(unless (vectorp attrs2)
(setq attrs2 (face-attributes-as-vector attrs2)))
(let ((rel1-count 0) (rel2-count 0))
(dotimes (i (length attrs1))
(let ((attr (aref internal-lisp-face-attributes i)))
(when attr
(when (face-attribute-relative-p attr (aref attrs1 i))
(setq rel1-count (+ rel1-count 1)))
(when (face-attribute-relative-p attr (aref attrs2 i))
(setq rel2-count (+ rel2-count 1))))))
(< rel1-count rel2-count)))
(defun face-remap-order (entry)
"Order ENTRY so that more relative face specs are near the beginning.
The list structure of ENTRY may be destructively modified."
(setq entry (nreverse entry))
(setcdr entry (sort (cdr entry) 'face-attrs-more-relative-p))
(nreverse entry))
;;;### autoload
(defun face-remap-add-relative (face &rest specs)
"Add a face remapping entry of FACE to SPECS in the current buffer.
......@@ -72,8 +114,9 @@ SPECS can be any value suitable for the `face' text property,
including a face name, a list of face names, or a face-attribute
property list. The attributes given by SPECS will be merged with
any other currently active face remappings of FACE, and with the
global definition of FACE, with the most recently added relative
remapping taking precedence.
global definition of FACE. An attempt is made to sort multiple
entries so that entries with relative face-attributes are applied
after entries with absolute face-attributes.
The base (lowest priority) remapping may be set to a specific
value, instead of the default of the global face definition,
......@@ -83,7 +126,7 @@ using `face-remap-set-base'."
(when (null entry)
(setq entry (list face face)) ; explicitly merge with global def
(push entry face-remapping-alist))
(setcdr entry (cons specs (cdr entry)))
(setcdr entry (face-remap-order (cons specs (cdr entry))))
(cons face specs)))
(defun face-remap-remove-relative (cookie)
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