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Fix ChangeLog attribution.

All 4 listed authors have assignments, so I am not going to bother
working out precisely who wrote which piece of this.
parent b25b4939
......@@ -20231,13 +20231,10 @@
* spam-stat.el (spam-stat-score-buffer): Simplify mapcar usage.
Use mapc when appropriate.
2004-04-22 Teodor Zlatanov <>
FIXME: Make separate entries for each person.
From Dan Christensen <>, (Adam
Sjøgren), Wes Hardaker <>, and Michael Shields
2004-04-22 Dan Christensen <>
Adam Sjøgren <>
Wes Hardaker <>
Michael Shields <>
* spam.el (spam-necessary-extra-headers): Get the extra headers we
may need for spam sorting and scoring.
......@@ -20247,7 +20244,7 @@
(spam-extra-header-to-number): Add function to get a score from a
(spam-summary-score): Add function to get a numeric score from the
(spam-summary-score): Add function to get a numeric score from the
(spam-generic-score): Fix function doc, was in wrong place.
(spam-initialize): Take symbols when it's run, and install the
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