Commit d0997f10 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Text Terminal Colors): Remove description of tty-display-color-cells.

parent a9f95373
......@@ -1575,14 +1575,6 @@ will specify which terminal to operate on (the default being the
selected frame's terminal; @pxref{Input Focus}). At present, though,
the @var{display} argument has no effect.
@defun tty-display-color-cells &optional display
This function returns the number of distinct colors supported for
@var{display}. For a monochrome terminal which only supports two colors
(usually black and white), this function returns zero. (Lisp programs
should avoid use of this function; instead, use the display-independent
@code{display-color-cells}, described in @ref{Display Feature Testing}.)
@end defun
@defun tty-color-define name number &optional rgb display
@tindex tty-color-define
This function associates the color name @var{name} with
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