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A work-around for blinking block cursor on a GNU/Linux console.

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......@@ -250,6 +250,29 @@ recommended way of turning on Font-lock is by typing "M-x
global-font-lock-mode RET" or by customizing the variable
* Emacs on a tty switches the cursor to large blinking block.
This was reported to happen on some GNU/Linux systems which use
ncurses version 5.0, but could be relevant for other versions as well.
These versions of ncurses come with a `linux' terminfo entry, where
the "cvvis" capability (termcap "vs") is defined as "\E[?25h\E[?8c"
(show cursor, change size). This escape sequence switches on a
blinking hardware text-mode cursor whose size is a full character
cell. This blinking cannot be stopped, since a hardware cursor
always blinks.
A work-around is to redefine the "cvvis" capability so that it
enables a *software* cursor. The software cursor works by inverting
the colors of the character at point, so what you see is a block
cursor that doesn't blink. For this to work, you need to redefine
the "cnorm" capability as well, so that it operates on the software
cursor instead of the hardware cursor.
To this end, run "infocmp linux > linux-term", edit the file
`linux-term' to make both the "cnorm" and "cvvis" capabilities send
the sequence "\E[?25h\E[?17;0;64c", and then run "tic linux-term" to
produce a modified terminfo entry.
* Problems in Emacs built with LessTif.
The problems seem to depend on the version of LessTif and the Motif
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