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/* systerm.h - System-dependent definitions for terminals.
Copyright (C) 1992 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
GNU Emacs is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option)
any later version.
GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. */
/* Include the proper files. */
#include <termio.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <termio.h>
#include <termios.h>
#else /* neither HAVE_TERMIO nor HAVE_TERMIOS */
#ifndef VMS
#include <sgtty.h>
#endif /* not VMS */
#endif /* not HAVE_TERMIOS */
#endif /* not HAVE_TERMIO */
/* Special cases - inhibiting the use of certain features. */
#ifdef APOLLO
#undef TIOCGETC /* Avoid confusing some conditionals that test this. */
/* UNIPLUS systems may have FIONREAD. */
#ifdef UNIPLUS
#include <sys.ioctl.h>
/* Allow m- file to inhibit use of FIONREAD. */
#undef ASYNC
/* Interupt input is not used if there is no FIONREAD. */
#ifndef FIONREAD
#undef SIGIO
/* Get the number of characters queued for output. */
/* EMACS_OUTQSIZE(FD, int *SIZE) stores the number of characters
queued for output to the terminal FD in *SIZE, if FD is a tty.
Returns -1 if there was an error (i.e. FD is not a tty), 0
otherwise. */
#define EMACS_OUTQSIZE(fd, size) (ioctl ((fd), TIOCOUTQ, (size)))
#ifdef TCOUTQ
#define EMACS_OUTQSIZE(fd, size) (ioctl ((fd), TCOUTQ, (size)))
/* Manipulate a terminal's current process group. */
/* EMACS_HAVE_TTY_PGRP is true if we can get and set the tty's current
controlling process group.
EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP(int FD, int *PGID) sets *PGID the terminal FD's
current process group. Return -1 if there is an error.
EMACS_SET_TTY_PGRP(int FD, int *PGID) sets the terminal FD's
current process group to *PGID. Return -1 if there is an error. */
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP(fd, pgid) (*(pgid) = tcgetpgrp ((fd)))
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_PGRP(fd, pgid) (*(pgid) = tcsetpgrp ((fd)))
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP(fd, pgid) (ioctl ((fd), TIOCGPGRP, (pgid)))
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_PGRP(fd, pgid) (ioctl ((fd), TIOCSPGRP, (pgid)))
/* Just ignore this for now and hope for the best */
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP(fd, pgid) 0
/* Manipulate a TTY's input/output processing parameters. */
/* struct emacs_tty is a structure used to hold the current tty
parameters. If the terminal has several structures describing its
state, for example a struct tchars, a struct sgttyb, a struct
tchars, a struct ltchars, and a struct pagechars, struct
emacs_tty should contain an element for each parameter struct
that Emacs may change.
EMACS_GET_TTY (int FD, struct emacs_tty *P) stores the
parameters of the tty on FD in *P.
EMACS_SET_TTY (int FD, struct emacs_tty *P, int waitp)
sets the parameters of the tty on FD according to the contents of
*P. If waitp is non-zero, we wait for all queued output to be
written before making the change; otherwise, we forget any queued
input and make the change immediately.
EMACS_TTY_TABS_OK (struct emacs_tty *P) is false iff the kernel
expands tabs to spaces upon output; in that case, there is no
advantage to using tabs over spaces. */
/* For each tty parameter structure that Emacs might want to save and restore,
- include an element for it in this structure,
- define a pair of numbered macros to get and set it and return
true iff the call succeeded,
- give alternative definitions for when the component is not implemented
which always succeed, and
- extend the definition of EMACS_{GET,SET}_TTY_CHARS to include the
new macros. */
struct emacs_tty {
/* There is always one of the following elements, so there is no need
for dummy get and set definitions. */
struct termios main;
struct termio main;
#ifdef VMS
struct sensemode main;
struct sgttyb main;
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_1(fd, p) (tcgetattr ((fd), &(p)->main) != -1)
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_1(fd, p, waitp) \
(tcsetattr ((fd), (waitp) ? TCSAFLUSH : TCSADRAIN, &(p)->main) != -1)
#ifdef VMS
/* These definitions will really only work in sysdep.c, because of their
use of input_iosb. I don't know enough about VMS QIO to fix this. */
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_1(fd, p) \
SYS$QIOW (0, (fd), IO$_SENSEMODE, (p), 0, 0, \
&(p)->main.class, 12, 0, 0, 0, 0);
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_1(fd, p, waitp) \
SYS$QIOW (0, (fd), IO$_SETMODE, &input_iosb, 0, 0, \
&(p)->main.class, 12, 0, 0, 0, 0);
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_1(fd, p) (ioctl ((fd), TIOCGETP, &(p)->main) != -1)
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_1(fd, p, waitp) \
(ioctl ((fd), (waitp) ? TIOCSETP : TIOCSETN, &(p)->main) != -1)
struct ltchars ltchars;
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_2(fd, p) \
(ioctl ((fd), TIOCGLTC, &(p)->ltchars) != -1)
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_2(fd, p, waitp) \
(ioctl ((fd), TIOCSLTC, &(p)->ltchars) != -1)
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_2(fd, p) 1
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_2(fd, p, waitp) 1
#endif /* TIOCGLTC */
struct tchars tchars;
int lmode;
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_3(fd, p) \
(ioctl ((fd), TIOCGETC, &(p)->tchars) != -1 \
&& ioctl ((fd), TIOCLGET, &(p)->lmode) != -1)
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_3(fd, p, waitp) \
(ioctl ((fd), TIOCSETC, &(p)->tchars) != -1 \
&& ioctl ((fd), TIOCLSET, &(p)->lmode) != -1)
#define EMACS_GET_TTY_3(fd, p) 1
#define EMACS_SET_TTY_3(fd, p, waitp) 1
#endif /* TIOCGLTC */
/* Define these to be a concatenation of all the EMACS_{GET,SET}_TTY
macros. */
#define EMACS_GET_TTY(fd, tc) \
(EMACS_GET_TTY_1 (fd, tc) \
&& EMACS_GET_TTY_2 (fd, tc) \
&& EMACS_GET_TTY_3 (fd, tc))
#define EMACS_SET_TTY(fd, tc, waitp) \
(EMACS_SET_TTY_1 (fd, tc, waitp) \
&& EMACS_SET_TTY_2 (fd, tc, waitp) \
&& EMACS_SET_TTY_3 (fd, tc, waitp))
#define EMACS_TTY_TABS_OK(p) (((p)->main.c_oflag & TABDLY) != TAB3)
#else /* not def HAVE_TERMIOS */
#define EMACS_TTY_TABS_OK(p) (((p)->main.c_oflag & TABDLY) != TAB3)
#else /* neither HAVE_TERMIO nor HAVE_TERMIOS */
#ifdef VMS
#define EMACS_TTY_TABS_OK(p) (((p)->main.tt_char & TT$M_MECHTAB) != 0)
#define EMACS_TTY_TABS_OK(p) (((p)->main.sg_flags & XTABS) != XTABS)
#endif /* not def VMS */
#endif /* not def HAVE_TERMIO */
#endif /* not def HAVE_TERMIOS */
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