Commit d0ebe33a authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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parent 1d79e521
......@@ -702,6 +702,13 @@ struct Lisp_String
unsigned char *data;
#ifdef offsetof
#define OFFSETOF(type,field) offsetof(type,field)
#define OFFSETOF(type,field) \
((int)((char*)&((type*)0)->field - (char*)0))
/* If a struct is made to look like a vector, this macro returns the length
of the shortest vector that would hold that struct. */
#define VECSIZE(type) ((sizeof (type) - (sizeof (struct Lisp_Vector) \
......@@ -709,6 +716,13 @@ struct Lisp_String
+ sizeof(Lisp_Object) - 1) /* round up */ \
/ sizeof (Lisp_Object))
/* Like VECSIZE, but used when the pseudo-vector has non-Lisp_Object fields
at the end and we need to compute the number of Lisp_Object fields (the
ones that the GC needs to trace). */
#define PSEUDOVECSIZE(type, nonlispfield) \
((offsetof(type, nonlispfield) - offsetof(struct Lisp_Vector, contents[0])) \
/ sizeof (Lisp_Object))
struct Lisp_Vector
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