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(Movemail): Add internal ref.

Don't indent the intro for the PROTO table.
Format PROTO table items with @code.
parent 204dc8c5
......@@ -1240,7 +1240,7 @@ where square brackets denote optional elements.
@item proto
Specifies the @dfn{mailbox protocol}, or @dfn{format} to
use. The exact semantics of the rest of @acronym{URL} elements depends
on the actual value of @var{proto}.
on the actual value of @var{proto} (see below).
@item user
User name to access the remote mailbox.
......@@ -1253,9 +1253,10 @@ Hostname of the remote server for remote mailboxes or file name of a
local mailbox.
@end table
@var{Proto} can be one of:
@table @asis
@table @code
@item mbox
Usual UNIX mailbox format. In this case, neither @var{user} nor
@var{pass} are used, and @var{host-or-file-name} denotes the file name of
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