Commit d112d11f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Named Features): Clarify return value and meaning of NOERROR.

parent 18684a3a
......@@ -687,9 +687,14 @@ However, in this case, @code{require} insists on finding @var{feature}
with an added suffix; a file whose name is just @var{feature} won't be
If loading the file fails to provide @var{feature}, @code{require}
signals an error, @samp{Required feature @var{feature} was not
provided}, unless @var{noerror} is non-@code{nil}.
If @var{noerror} is non-@code{nil}, that suppresses errors from actual
loading of the file. In that case, @code{require} returns @code{nil}
if loading the file fails. Normally, @code{require} returns
If loading the file succeeds but does not provide @var{feature},
@code{require} signals an error, @samp{Required feature @var{feature}
was not provided}.
@end defun
@defun featurep feature &optional subfeature
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