Commit d1208263 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(grep): Fix previous change.

parent 4527adca
......@@ -556,19 +556,21 @@ This command uses a special history list for its arguments, so you can
easily repeat a grep command.
A prefix argument says to default the argument based upon the current
tag the cursor is over."
tag the cursor is over, substituting it into the last grep command
in the grep command history (or into `grep-command'
if that history list is empty)."
(let (grep-default)
(when (and current-prefix-arg grep-history)
(let (grep-default (arg current-prefix-arg))
(when arg
(let* ((tag-default
(funcall (or find-tag-default-function
(get major-mode 'find-tag-default-function)
;; We use grep-tag-default instead of
;; find-tag-default, to avoid loading etags.
(setq grep-default (car grep-history))
(setq grep-default (or (car grep-history) grep-command))
;; Replace the thing matching for with that around cursor
(if (string-match "[^ ]+\\s +\\(-[^ ]+\\)*\\s *\\(\"[^\"]+\"\\|[^ ]+\\)" grep-default)
(if (string-match "[^ ]+\\s +\\(-[^ ]+\\s +\\)*\\(\"[^\"]+\"\\|[^ ]+\\)" grep-default)
(setq grep-default (replace-match tag-default t t
grep-default 2)))))
(list (read-from-minibuffer "Run grep (like this): "
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