Commit d13fc291 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* dispnew.c: Remove no-longer-valid comment.

parent f3024754
......@@ -413,11 +413,6 @@ adjust_glyph_matrix (struct window *w, struct glyph_matrix *matrix, int x, int y
new_rows = dim.height - matrix->rows_allocated;
matrix->rows = xpalloc (matrix->rows, &matrix->rows_allocated,
new_rows, INT_MAX, sizeof *matrix->rows);
/* As a side effect, this sets the object of each glyph in the
row to nil, so verify we will indeed get that. Redisplay
relies on the object of special glyphs (truncation and
continuation glyps and also blanks used to extend each line
on a TTY) to be nil. */
memset (matrix->rows + old_alloc, 0,
(matrix->rows_allocated - old_alloc) * sizeof *matrix->rows);
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